Illinois Announces 21 Finalists For 75 Recreational Dispensary Licenses

The Doobie Room’s (a Social Equity Applicant)  Official Response to the Announcement

September 8, 2020 9:00AM Central Daylight Time

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CHICAGOLAND, IL – Since Illinois announced its finalists for the initial retail cannabis licenses, we have received many messages of concern, outrage, and encouragement. Many of our supporters have vowed to continue to support The Doobie Room and where our journey into the Cannabis Industry takes us. Thank you to our stakeholders and supporters and congratulations to the companies that are moving onto the next step in the licensing process. 

Since the announcement, we have gained new social media followers and have received offers from various entities asking: how can we help? This is a great opportunity to reintroduce ourselves.

We are The Doobie Room. We are 100% owned by Black/African-Americans, Latinos, and POC. Our owners are racially diverse and multiethnic. Many of us grew up on the South Side of Chicago with Morgan Park, Kenwood Academy, and Gwendolyn Brooks as our Alma Mater. This is how we qualify as Social Equity applicants. We grew up and lived in communities, such as Washington Heights, that were disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. We’ve experienced police brutality and harassment, which unfortunately, was a norm for some of our owners. 

Not only did some of our owners endure the effects of the war on drugs, many of our owners served America and protected our democracy. That’s how we earned Veteran Status. What does it say about a nation that supports you for risking your life for its democracy but then creates barriers that block you from “The American Dream”?

Our owners include talented African-American, Latino, Asian, and other Women of Color ready to blaze new trails as Wanda James, Jane West, and others have done. 

Most importantly, we know we are qualified. We, and other Social Equity applicants, are what our communities are waiting to see and were expecting: visible ownership by individuals from disproportionately impacted areas; ownership where we were harassed; ownership where we live; ownership in a country we protected; and most importantly, ownership that gives hope to our youth and inspires those that will come after us to fight peacefully for justice and community reinvestment.

For more information about The Doobie Room and our upcoming plans, please call Keyston Franklin at 312-972-4199 or email

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