Cannabis Usage Will Not Be Legal Everywhere in Illinois.

When recreational marijuana is legalized January 1, 2020, all Illinois residents will not be allowed to legally consume cannabis in their homes or surrounding their homes.

Residents in Chicago Housing Authority buildings have been receiving letters informing them that since Cannabis is still illegal at the state level, they will not be allowed to smoke marijuana in CHA buildings.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

Housing voucher recipients received a letter from the agency last week, warning them about the ramifications of smoking or possessing pot on federally funded grounds even after it becomes legal on Jan. 1. In a nutshell, those who violate the federal law could face eviction.

“While federal law prohibits marijuana use and possession in federally subsidized housing, the [Chicago Housing Authority] is working to educate and inform residents so they understand all applicable laws related to cannabis and federally-funded housing,” spokeswoman Molly Sullivan said in a statement.

The statement continues: “The CHA will work with the City of Chicago as it develops rules and regulations in accordance with existing state and federal laws in order to ensure a safe and responsible implementation of legalized cannabis in Chicago.”

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