According to, “The “Illinois Cannabis and Tax Act” includes a section that is titled “Discrimination prohibited.” The section states that the lawful use of marijuana under this act cannot be the “sole or primary basis or supporting basis” for limiting someone’s rights as a parent or right to adopt or become a guardian of a child. This means a court cannot reduce your parenting time or decision making responsibilities based on your co-parent complaining that you use recreational marijuana, as long as you use it in a legal and responsible manner. Likewise, the Illinois DCFS cannot cite your legal marijuana use as a reason for denying your adoption request” However, we still have to be careful with how we smoke marijuana and use cannabis products, especially around children and youth under 21. And being careful means being responsible.

Below is a graphic from The Department of Children and Family Services explaining how to responsibly smoke marijuana and use cannabis products if you are a parent or caregiver. The Doobie Room also has more resources on this topic on our Resources page, but you can also visit DCFS to learn more.