At part three of our third panel series (Cannabis is Legal. So, Now What?) The Doobie Room and everyone in attendance witnessed a robust conversation. But, there was one guest who really stood out: the founder of Our Lady Mary Jane, a Cannabis friendly community ready to blend religion, love, and weed. We weren’t able to get in all our questions, so Our Lady Mary Jane’s founder Angela Scheffler took a bit of time out of their schedule to tell us a bit more about Cannaterianism.

1.) You were recently on our panel ” Cannabis is Legal. So, Now What? Part Three” and you introduction turned a lot of heads. Can you explain exactly who you are and your developing niche in the Cannabis industry?

I’m a mom, teacher, massage therapist, and founding member of Our Lady Mary Jane, a cannabis-friendly community on Facebook. My dream is to acquire one of those old, vacant churches, clean it up, attach a greenhouse, and open a cannabis-friendly church. This church would include therapeutic features including a medicinal garden, community art space, and spa. Following in the footsteps of the First Church of Cannabis in Indianapolis, Our Lady Mary Jane will maintain a Cannaterian vision of love, compassion, gratitude, health, and fellowship.

2.) What are the religious beliefs and brief history of Cannaterianism and how does “Our Lady Mary” fit into this religion?

Cannaterians believe love is the proper guiding force for human decisions. We also believe cannabis is a health supplement that improves our physical and spiritual well-being. Although humans have been using cannabis for such purposes since ancient times, the First Church of Cannabis has been practicing a modern form since 2015. Church of Our Lady Mary Jane, our nonprofit organization, was founded in 2019 upon principles that align with Cannaterianism.

3.) If I smoke weed, am I an automatic Cannaterian? Are there prerequisites to being a Cannaterian? 

It depends on how you use it. If you smoke weed to improve your capacity to love and be loved, then yes, you are essentially already living a Cannaterian lifestyle. However, it isn’t required that you partake in cannabis to be a true Cannaterian. What’s important is that you take an active role in your health and the health of others.

4.) Our Lady Mary Jane is seeking to fill a variety of art-based roles. How do you plan on blending art and Cannabis at Our Lady Mary Jane?

We are currently seeking volunteers to help build our board of directors, fundraising committee, art groups, book club, movie club, prayer team, and more. You don’t have to get high to participate, but please be loving and accepting of those who do.

5.) On the panel, you mentioned you are a teacher on the west side of Chicago and that you were not interested in selling marijuana because you are not looking to compete with youth who sell marijuana for additional income. This is intriguing to hear. Can you please expand on your lack of interest in selling marijuana and how has your experience as a teacher on the west side of Chicago shaped your entrepreneurship journey in the Cannabis Industry?

Some of my students sell marijuana, and many of them smoke it. As a cannabis user myself (which I’ve kept a secret from my students all these years), my interest in legalized marijuana has less to do with its financial potential than its potential for de-stigmatization and social equity work. I want to help my entrepreneurial students secure access to resources needed to participate legally in the cannabis field. I would love to help them write business plans, apply for jobs, network, explore their passions,
improve their skillsets and more.

6.) What upcoming events do you have?

We are hosting our first public meeting on March 26th from 4-6pm in Oak Park, IL. We will be practicing gratitude, providing networking opportunities, and discussing some of the ministries our church will offer: book & movie club, art class, massage therapy, and more. Find us on Facebook to learn more.

Update from Our Lady Mary Jane:

Hi lovely! I hope this message finds you well and hopeful. The venue for this event is closed until at least (April 3) due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, we will be rescheduling.Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas to connect virtually during this isolating time.

I just received news that a friend’s dad passed away today from the coronavirus. This is the first case hitting close to home. And unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last. My heart goes out to humans all over the world. Wishing you strength and peace during this very difficult time.

We’re all in this together, but if I had to give advice specifically to cannabis users during this time, perhaps avoid the “wake & bake” routine. You’ll run out of weed faster and cheapen the reward you can earn at 4:20 for having accomplished your daily goals. This implies you should have goals, even if they’re simple ones. There’s
nothing like a celebration toke at the end of a productive day.

7.) Where can everyone go to learn more about you and Our Lady Mary Jane and

We would love to hear from you. Please reach out on Facebook at or email me at To learn more about Cannaterianism at