Have you gotten your hands on one of our limited edition “Doobie Days” gold lapels?

Have you seen someone walking around with a “Doobie Days” gold lapel?

So what is a Doobie Day? 

Well, we’ve all had them. Maybe the sun is shining extra hard giving you that “feel good” feeling; maybe you smell a neighbor’s BBQ grill flaming up and you have a sudden desire to be around your friends and family; maybe you woke up feeling real good; or maybe you just want to feel real good. Anytime you get that feeling of happiness, love, and hope, you might just be having a Doobie Day. 

Doobie Days aren’t just for weed smokers or cannabis users. They’re  for anyone who’s ready to brighten up the day with positive rays from our inner glow. And nothing brings the people together like a Doobie Day.

Moreover, because The Doobie Room is a social equity applicant ready to open an adult recreational cannabis dispensary, by wearing the Doobie Days limited edition gold lapel, you are actively supporting a nationwide movement to encourage the Cannabis Industry to include leaders that are women, African-American, Latinx, Veterans, and People of Color. Moreover, this lapel represents your support for The Doobie Room to continue to engage with communities that have historically been impacted by the criminalization of cannabis.

Have a Good Ole Doobie Day!