Everyone wants to help us all get thru the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic. But, it seems like after a while, we’re inundated with information.

But on April 8, 2020 Congressman Bobby Rush released the Rush Resource Guide. Aogn with the release of this guide Rush states:

These are perilous times and we are currently living through one of the gravest healthcare crises in our nation’s history.  However, we cannot give into grief and we must instead remain vigilant in our fight against this dreaded disease.

That’s why I have created the Rush Resource Guide: Available Resources for Combatting the Coronavirus.  This guide provides a list of resources you will need to combat the coronavirus.  Additionally, you will find federal, state, and local resources to support you and your loved ones as we all navigate the economic and social fallout that is gripping our nation, our state, and our district. 

You can access this resource guide by clicking the link above or the picture below.  And as always, stay safe, and stay healthy! 

Everyone, please stay safe! Don’t share blunts, joints, bongs, etc and please only purchase your cannabis goods from legit sources who are following guidelines set by the CDC.