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Check out our recent interview on Illinois News Joint. You’ll read about the origins of ” That’s a Doobie” and get a glimpse of where we see this adventure goin’. Click here for article.

Behind the Doobie with Illinois News Joint

We’re kicking off this episode with our “Week in Weed” (recap of The inaugural Veterans Alternative Healthcare Summit), and then we’re hanging with Jason, editor of Illinois News Joint.com.

Bonus: Sha’Carri Richardson and Cannabis

The Cannabis Community is fired up about what’s going on with Sha’Carri Richardson. Omari Jalan and Keyston aka Stone are gonna join the heat and give their two cents about Sha’Carri’s marijuana suspension. Here we go!

Season Two Premiere: Top 5 Mistakes We Made While Entering the Cannabis Industry

We’re kicking off season two of That’s a Doobie podcast by sharing with our the top 5 mistakes we made while entering the Cannabis industry. We don’t want you all wasting time making the same mistakes we and other former newbies made (Don’t trip…everyone was a newbie in this industry at some point.)

Season One Finale

Hosts Omari Jalan and Keyston aka Stone finally get a moment to talk and catch up with each other. They recap season one of That’s a Doobie, Keyston gives us the scoop on the MORE Act and amendments to Illinois House Bill 1443, they discuss Amazon getttin’ in and dominating the Cannabis industry, plus updates about our journey into the cannabis industry and where we’re going from here.

Bonus: Preparing Teens for 420, The Legal Way.

This bonus episode of That’s a Doobie is a family friendly one, so if you’re comfortable, and ready, you can use this episode to help have a conversation with your teen about 420, yep….420. Our Producer, Renita, is also a CannaParent advocate.

EP. 11: Abuse, Complex PTSD, Nasty Snacks, and Social Equity Hot Take

TRIGGER WARNING: Host Omari Jalan and guest Mark (Writer, Entrepreneur, and creator of now defunct website “Officer Downey”) have a brutally honest conversation about Mark’s abusive youth at the hands of his step-father, who was also a cop. Mark touches on how cannabis helped him endure his suffering and later helped him cope with Complex PTSD.

EP. 10 : Bitin’ Styles, Branding Mistakes, and Weed Smokin’ Church-girl.

Biting her style, her biggest branding mistake, and being a weed smokin’ daughter of a minister and deacon are just some of the funny stuff Kim Brio, branding expert, talks about with host Omari Jalan in episode ten of That’s a Doobie.

Bonus: Shootin’ the Ish with a Doobie Fan.

Shootin’ the ish is what we’re doin’ in this bonus episode. You know, kickin’ back and havin’ a nice lil conversation about life and weed…oh, we mean Cannabis. Take a listen to see what happened when one of our IG friends, Marissa, hopped on IG Live with Omari Jalan. 

EP. 9 with Rampelle. Cannabis and Inspiration, Parenting, and Remote Learning.

In this episode of That’s a Doobie, Omari Jalan talks with Rampelle, who because of COVID-19, has found a new appreciation for Cannabis.  Omari Jalan (IG @OmariJalan) and Rampelle (IG @tylerschwifty )discuss how Cannabis inspired his spray painting creativity, how cannabis helped Rampelle reflect on his initial feelings about being a new dad, and how cannabis improved his patience with his daughter and her remote-learning.

Ep. 8 with Guest Chass, Founder of It’sSowGo. ( Dabbing, Dispensary, Covid and Cannabis)

On this episode, Chass, Founder of It’sSowGo joins our host Omari Jalan and they discuss a variety of cannabis related topics including their first time dabbing, working in a dispensary, Covid’s impact on the Cannabis industry, plus we get a peek into Chass’s dating life.      

Ep. 7 with Minyona Mason of 2 Leaf Consulting and Research

Before we jump into today’s episode, make sure you have a notepad and pen ready to take notes because we’ll be seshin’ with Biotechnologist Minyona Mason of 2 Leaf Research and Consulting. Our Co-host Keyston is joining Omari and Minyona to discuss Cannabis testing, the true meaning of potency, and differentiating cannabis strands.    You got ya pen and paper?

That’s a Doobie Ep. 6 Doobie Sparklight with @ChiTown_Grower from IG

It’s a Doobie Sparklight episode, which means we’re shining our sparklight on our fans, supporters, weed lovers, and budding Cannapreneurs in the Cannabis Industry. This episode’s sparklight is on Hunter Seiss, the Cannabis grower and Budtender behind the Instagram page @ChiTown_Grower.

That’s a Doobie Ep. 5 with guest Candace Clark (420 Parenting, Social Equity, Cannabis Industry)

In episode 5 of That’s a Doobie Podcast recorded on IG Live (@TheDoobieRoom), we talk with Candace Clark, Co-founder of Link-Up Chicago, Hi-Tech Consulting, and Executive Board member at Social Equity Empowerment Network (S.E.E.N.)We discuss 420 parenting, social equity, virtual lobbying, and spotting snakes in the Cannabis Industry.

That’s a Doobie Ep. 4 with Seun Adedeji, CEO of Elev8 Dispensaries.

On episode 4 of That’s a Doobie Podcast, which we recorded on Instagram Live ( IG Live), our host, Omari, sits down for an extremely honest conversation with Seun Adedeji, owner of Elev8 Dispensaries located in Oregon and Massachusetts.

Illinois Cannabis Lottery Announcement: What happened?

The Doobie Room’s own, Omari, host of That’s a Doobie, and one of out P.O’s Keyston, finally meet after adjusting to the COVID-19 Pandemic to briefly recap their thoughts and feelings about Illinois’s lottery announcement, the now controversial veteran points, joining together with other Illinois Social Equity Applicants for justice, and what’s next for The Doobie Room.

Presidential Elections 2020 and Cannabis

While watching Super Tuesday Two 2020, The Doobie Room discuss Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and their stances on marijuana (or cannabis, or weed…whatever you call it) at the federal level.